Wally roadmap

Join us on our journey with Wally as we outline our roadmap for growth and development.

Phase 1: Launch of Wally

  • Launch Wally on Uniswap

  • Update socials on Dexscreener

  • Get BASE trending

  • Reach 500 Wally holders

  • First Wally bounty

Phase 2: Community expansion

  • Reach 1.000 Wally holders

  • List on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko

  • Launch Wally flexible and locked staking

  • Launch the first weekly Wally lottery

Phase 3: NFT Integration

  • Reach 5.000 Wally holders

  • Introduce Wally NFTs with unique artwork

  • Partner with artists for exclusive collections

  • Promote NFTs on various platforms

Phase 4: Gamification

  • Reach 10.000 Wally holders

  • Launch the first Wally game

  • Get listing on our first CEX

  • Release V2 roadmap and website

Join us as we navigate through each phase, building an ecosystem for the Wally community!

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