Welcome to "Where is Wally" – the memecoin that takes the classic fun of finding Wally into the world of crypto! If you’ve ever spent hours looking for Wally in a sea of characters, you’re going to love this.

What is "Where is Wally"?

"Where is Wally" isn’t just any memecoin. It’s a wild adventure where nostalgia meets the Base Chain. We’re here to make crypto fun, with games, rewards, and a strong community. Here’s what we have in store:

  • Bounty hunts: Dive into our Wally posters, find the sneaky Wally, and grab some sweet Wally tokens as your reward.

  • Wally staking: Lock up your Wally tokens and earn more. Whether you want to stake for a day or a month, we’ve got some juicy APRs waiting for you.

  • Wally NFTs: Collect and trade unique Wally-themed NFTs. These aren’t just pictures; they’re a piece of the legend, available for trading on platforms like OpenSea.

  • Wally game: A game where you search for Wally and win prizes. It’s like the classic hunt but in a whole new dimension!

  • Wally lottery: Join our weekly lottery for a shot at winning cool prizes. Whether it’s cash or luxury items, you get to vote on what’s up for grabs each week.

Why "Where is Wally"?

Our goal is simple: connect where is Wally to crypto. Investing and playing with crypto should be as fun as hunting for Wally in the books. With "Where is Wally", we’re creating a big community where you can play, earn, and enjoy the ride together.

How Does it Work?

  • Total supply: We’ve got a total of 1,000,000,000 Wally tokens. Plenty for everyone to get in on the action.

  • Community power: Our project is all about you. From hunting for Wally to picking lottery prizes, the community drives the fun.

  • Growing together: We’re rolling out our features in phases. Keep an eye out as we launch staking, NFTs, and our very own Wally game.

Whether you’re deep into crypto or just here for the fun, "Where is Wally" is your new playground. Get ready to join the hunt, earn some tokens, and be part of a community that’s all about discovery and rewards.

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